A New Tool in Hand – Networking

It is visible these days, newer and newer concepts are coming in to action. In a research by 5W PR, a new concept like Networking can allow you to broader your horizon and unique opportunities would be at your doorstep. It would be helpful in growing rofessionally..http://www.crunchbase.com/organization/5w-public-relations


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New York based PR Firm announced 11th largest independent firm

New York based Public Relations firm 5WPR was named 11th largest independent firm in the New York City, for net fees (2013). The firm got this rank in the O’Dwyers annual list of Public Relations firms in the city. The firm was founded by the Public Relations Executive, Ronn Torossian.

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A PR firm that offers a range of PR services- 5WPR

An eminent PR firm, 5WPR offers a comprehensive range of PR services that proved beneficial for countless brands from all over the world. Integrated marketing, event management, strategic planning, social media and digital marketing and reputation management are some of the services offered by 5WPR. Today, the company stands on the top among various PR companies in the industry.

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5WPR – the public relations agency for AEROSOLES

5WPR, which is listed among the top 25 largest independently operated public relations companies of the United States, recently announced the addition of one of more client to its fashion and apparel client roster. The client is the leading shoemaker company AEROSOLES.

It is a 25 year old name in the fashion industry known for making and selling innovative shoe designs that boast of superior comfort, advanced technology, and premium quality.

As the official public relations company for this brand, 5W public relations is going to undertake a comprehensive PR program that will be designed to spread more awareness about this shoe brand and its products. The company is going to help AEROSOLES through all the levels of their communication development and campaign execution.

Speaking about the announcement, Ronn Torossian, the CEO of 5W said that the company is proud to be partners with the distinguished brand that offers women comfortable footwear. He further commented that 5W’s experience in PR for footwear, apparel, accessories and other fashion retail companies, will definitely allow it to enhance awareness about AEROSOLES’S products among consumers nationwide.

Jules Schneider, the CEO of AEROSOLES said that he is excited about the new relationship with country’s leading PR firm. He stated that the reason behind selecting 5WPR is because of company’s understanding of who we are; and what we offer to the shoe market. Mr. Schneider said that 5W is the best company to hand over the responsibility of telling the world about our stylish designs and technology which is the base of our shoe line.

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Found a worthy resource? Train them to make them better!

Mr. Torossian, the CEO and founder of 5WPR is one of the most reputed CEOs in New York that many people follow with the intending of having some of his keen insights rubbed off on them.

His recent blog was about the importance of finding valuable talents for your company, and nurturing them.

The first step is to get the first step right. By hiring proper and qualified professionals to start with, the chances of producing a powerful resource increase. Appreciating the talent comes next. Make them feel worthy and acknowledge their accomplishments in a fashion, they appreciate.

The next step is training. Investing in the resource in the form of time and money will yield benefits but only if it’s done rightly. During training, the employee is introduced to the norms of the company, which creates a stronger bond between the two.

After training, it is of vital importance to bring the employee closer to the community. Finally, what makes an employee a resource, is his familiarity with the company. Use this in your favor in any way possible.

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Ronn Torossian reveals what it means to actually get it done

You’ve heard it said people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan. But more than that, people fail to finish. They have this great idea – it might be for a product, a service or a marketing campaign. Then they get going great guns and…give up.

What causes the failure? It could be bad planning, poor management, hurdles, or cash flow issues. But they fail because they quit.

Recently, I looked at a video from Seth Godin where he talks about the power of “shipping.” Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR, reminds us that the point is to explain that the power is not in the idea, it’s in the follow-through that turns that idea into income.

Don’t start without an end game

Just having a great idea is not good enough. You need to understand what your plan entails and where it will go from beginning to end. This is tough for an “idea guy,” but you need to see more than a glimpse of the big picture. Understand your destination if you ever want to get there.

Don’t campaign without a plan

Being a “big picture” person is no excuse for skipping the planning phase. Sure it can be difficult to always know exactly how you are going to get from A to Z, but you need to have those steps down, or you will never get to Z.

Understand your approach

Planning will help you understand how you want to attack this project. If the objective is to “ship,” then you will focus on how to get there instead of getting distracted with how fun it can be to come up with new ideas. Get a firm grip on how you will get to the “ship” stage and it will show you the right approach to take.

Look long term

How will this project impact other projects you have going? How will it impact your ability to continue other projects long term? Don’t dive into a new project if you won’t have the capacity to continue others. Unless you plan to kill those projects altogether. Don’t let them starve on the vine.

Stop asking and start doing

At some point, it’s different in each scenario, the time for asking questions is over. It’s simply time to ship. You could ask questions and take criticism until the cows come home and never run out of “problems” to correct. This attitude will never allow you to “ship.” You need to get it going.

Follow these tips and craft your PR campaigns with the expectations of completion. Understand where you are going and start going there as soon as possible. Yes, you need to plan. But, eventually, you need to go, or all that planning will be for naught.


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Marine humiliated on Delta flight?

This was one of those things that everyone who was involved wished didn’t happen. Even people who love to be angry wish something like this didn’t happen. But according to one Marine, and several witnesses, on a particular Delta flight … unfortunately it did happen.

An amputee Marine, injured during service in Afghanistan, was on board a recent Delta flight when he was, reportedly, paraded down the aisle in his wheelchair to his seat. Along the way he was accidentally bumped into other passengers, all the way to almost the back of the plane. When several passengers in first class volunteered to give up their seats so that the wounded veteran could have more room, the flight crew ignored these requests.

It is important to note here that the complaint did not come from the offended Marine. Instead, it came from Army Col. Nickey Knighton, a fellow passenger on the flight. Col. Knighton sent a complaint to Delta Airlines about how the Marine was treated. Then, the Washington Post got hold of the complaint and published the story.

Many other major media outlets picked it up and ran with it as well. While Delta has released no official findings since the incident, the airline did say it would investigate. But stopped short of even admitting the incident happened. Regardless of the accuracy of the story, the airline will likely have to deal with a crisis PR firm for this one.

Delta should have acted more quickly to diffuse the rage that came from this. They may eventually issue an apology, but one should have come already. In fact, it should have been the first thing that happened. Instead, Delta opted for  the response that“this in no way reflects how Delta treats customers.”

In fairness, this official statement did end with an apology. However, that admission is more omission, and one that will ring hollow for most consumers. While Delta may not treat their customers poorly, the incident in question begs to differ. As of this writing, that point has yet to be addressed.


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